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Orthopeutics, L.P. was founded in May 2004 to develop and commercialize revolutionary nonsurgical solutions for common orthopedic problems.  Our initial focus was to prevent the ongoing degeneration of spinal discs.  We discovered along the way that in addition to providing increased joint stability and tissue strength, our tissue matrix modification approach was capable of increasing the flow of nutrients to these tissues, reducing disc bulge, and increasing the retention of certain key molecules in the matrix.  Having launched three key companies, Orthopeutics is now functioning as a technology holding company, while its spin-outs are continuing to explore the use of this core technology in the treatment of knee meniscus tears, spinal deformity, snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, and a variety of applications in animals.  Orthopeutics holds 12 issued US patents, several foreign patents, and numerous patents pending.

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